With many years of experience, our team of consultants will help you to feel sure that you are making the right real estate investment.

REA is a real estate agency that specialises in the sale and letting of luxury homes in residential estates in the northern part of Madrid, in particular, La Moraleja, Encinar de los Reyes and Ciudalcampo.

About Us

REA is a real estate agency specialising in luxury homes, whose scope of activity covers the most highly sought-after residential estates in the northern part of Madrid, i.e. La Moraleja, Encinar de los Reyes, Soto de la Moraleja, Ciudalcampo, Fuente del Fresno and Santo Domingo. These areas are the most privileged due to their proximity to the airport and the importance given to them by the establishment of numerous multinational companies over recent years. Whatever type of property you may be looking for, you will be sure to find it in the areas described in the following pages.

Our Team

A member of our team will contact you and, after establishing your exact requirements, will filter the search so as to show you only those properties on our books that best fit your needs, thereby saving time and ensuring that your requirements are met.

A registered Real Estate Agent backs up our commercial consultants and we also provide planning and tax advice so that none of your queries will go unanswered.

Our Advertising

To ensure the sale of your property, we use the full spectrum of advertising media, without forgetting to apply the utmost discretion and confidentiality in our handling of the sale of our clients’ property. Our advertising media are as follows:

Regular advertising in the press with the largest circulation in Spain and in specialised magazines relating to real estate, golf, ex-pat associations, etc.

Our own real estate magazine, of which more than 10,000 copies are distributed amongst the residents of the most luxurious residential estates in Madrid, plus 1,000 companies and 100 embassies, chambers of commerce and ex-pat associations. If you wish to receive a free copy on a regular basis, please let us know.

Advertising through collaboration agreements with the network of registered Real Estate Agents and the magazines published by the Association.

Our website and links through agreements with other real estate websites.

Stationary advertising on a variety of supports, such as bus shelters, hoardings, etc.

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